Viking Igniter Issue – Quick No Spark Fix

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Viking Igniter Issue – Quick No Spark Fix

Viking Igniter fix

If you are reading this post, your Viking igniter units are likely having some issues.

Not to worry; fixing both of the two most common Viking igniter issues are simple DIY jobs.

Let’s start by giving credit where credit is due: Viking ranges are built like tanks; they last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance.  As with most top-of-the-line brands in any appliance category, a premium price tag often comes with similar high-price support and service calls.  High-price support and service calls are definitely not my cup of tea, especially when we can fix the issues with a few simple parts!  The igniters and the spark units are universal parts so they are compatible on all classic Viking ranges.  Let’s take a look at the two most common igniter issues:

Issue Number One: No spark on ANY burner.

Turning a gas knob to the “ignite” position is supposed to light that one burner, In addition, there should also be a visible spark on all of the burners (4, 6 etc,) when attempting to light a single burner.  When attempting to ignite your stove and there is no spark on any of your burners, you have a bad spark module. The fix is very straightforward.  Note: If the spark is only missing from one or two of your burners, then skip to “issue number two.”

  1. Order the authentic Viking spark module.  The part you order is dependent on the number of burners your stove has.  Here are Amazon links for the 4-Burner and and the 6-Burner spark units.  (If you need other configurations please leave comments below and I will try to help out).
  2. Unplug your Viking stove from the wall (important)
  3. Locate the spark module behind the unit, after that, take a picture of the wiring before you undo anything.
  4. Replace your old module with the new module, then make sure you replace the wires to their original positions on the new spark unit.  Done!  

Issue Number Two: The igniters continue to spark after the gas burner is lit.

This is an issue with one (or more) of your igniters.  The white, vertical component that the spark jumps from on each of your burners is called the “igniter”.  The function of the igniter is actually two-fold.  It creates the necessary gap that generates the spark to light the burner, in addition, it also senses when the burner is lit to let the spark module know to stop sparking. In time, the igniters often become fouled or worn due to normal use and will need to be replaced. Here is a link for a universal, authentic Viking igniter (you will need one for each burner). I recommend ordering a set (depending on the number of burners you have) so you can use the new units to identify one or more bad units. You can always return any extra units once the bad igniters are identified and replaced.

Replacing the units is a very simple procedure and is explained in detail, in our YouTube video below.

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